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Microgaming Roulette

French, American, European and Premiere Roulette, are all version of the game that Microgaming has to offer those who love roulette. American & European Roulette remain the most common of the four. Roulette, a game of chance is taken to a different level with Microgaming. Instead of the boring nature of every other roulette title online, this title provides enhanced realism through visuals only this developer could pull off.

A board of 35 to 36 numbers is displayed before players. The board is so detailed in its design that in seconds of playing the game, you can't help but to notice the resemblances between this game and their land based counterparts.

How to Play

Playing Microgaming's Roulette isn't difficult to accomplish. All that players are first required to do is choose a $1, $5, $10 or $25-coin value and then place a number of chips across various places along the board. Then by hitting "Spin", the ball will drop and the wheel will begin to spin. Using a random number generator, the number that this wheel lands on with be different each passing time.

Players can bet on any of the numbers across the regular board, they can bet on black and they back bet on red. There's also even bets, odd bets and five others that can be made on onlinecasinobet.at. Each of these special bets give opportunities to cover the board at a far greater distance, just the payouts are lowered and due to the random nature of the spin, completely random as well.

Payouts are varied in this game. Basic payouts are doubled where landing on the correct number. Otherwise when placing bets in unique locations, they can be split by a variety of amounts. When playing the board in full, it's possible to come out profitable.

Game Benefits

The benefits to playing under this platform is that the game becomes available to you at all times, regardless of the location you might be at. The reasoning for this is because recently, Microgaming's table games made their way over to mobile platforms. As long as an Android, Apple or Windows device is owned by the gambler then these games become available to you unlimitedly.

The other key benefit to playing this game is that all payouts are awarded in a period of twenty-four hours. Top Microgaming casinos adheres to a strict payout schedule that gives players their money as fast as electronically possible.


Microgaming Roulette goes above the norm of other roulette titles. Portraying a realistic roulette table, the fast spin structure of this game makes every constantly in motion, in turn it makes the game more exciting. Offering four different versions of the game, with four other versions currently in development only helps further the point that Microgaming remains a famed developer.

MC # 390198       USDOT # 897520